About Director


Rodney McAtee

Director, Optimal Profit

Rodney McAtee has a long and successful career working in a variety of roles as a Manager, Technical Expert, Owner and Advisor.

Rodney started work in the Commonwealth Bank, completing his Accounting and Company Secretarial studies in Canberra while working for the Auditor General’s Office.

Soon after that, he transferred to Foreign Affairs as an Internal Auditor and, before too long, found himself in Treasury looking after funds for the Overseas Services.   That job led him to administer the overseas Exhibitions and then on to help set up the Department of Finance, helping with the production of the Budget Documents.

He worked with Joint Committees of Parliament and helped answer Questions from Senate Estimates Committees.  He then assisted with the first five year Estimates Programme.

Transferring back to W.A., Rodney worked as a Sales Tax Auditor before being seconded to the America’s Cup as the Project Operations Manager, working with the local Council to prepare Fremantle for the America’s Cup defence.

His roles in the Taxation Office included organisational change, human resources and recruitment and helping to set up the Superannuation Team.  He became the Superannuation Technical Advisor and then a Superannuation Auditor.

He left Tax and started a company providing financial advice and marketing.  Later, he joined the Board of an Australian Cruise Company as the Chief Finance Officer.  He then started as a Partner in an Accounting firm, specialising in Superannuation and auditing.  Before commencing the Consulting business, Rodney was the State Manager for a Not-for-Profit organisation.

This wide variety of experience has helped him understand the need for sensible and workable solutions if a business or enterprise is to succeed. While one solution does not necessarily fit every situation, there are common threads which need to be present – Vision, structure, strategy and a culture that works.

The Business Success Programme and the ConsultX technology that Rodney now uses with Optimal Profit clients is powerful and literally breathes life back into ailing businesses and in many cases, saves them.