About us

Get to know us.

We work long term with Business Owners (of all sizes) to help them improve the profit, growth and value of their Business.

We are based in Welshpool Western Australia and we currently have links to over 100 Business Success Partners in New Zealand, Australia, England and The Netherlands.  We come from a range of backgrounds, engineering, hospitality, printing, beverages, sales, corporate management, and accounting – pretty much every business type you could think of.

We are not like many other stuffy “Consultants” or “Advisors” you may have met in the past, we understand the journey of owning your own business and work with you (and your team) to achieve the goals and dreams you had in mind, when you first started your business.

We use a system, we call the “Business Success Programme” to guide us through the process, it is unlike anything else available to assist Business Owners. The Programme uses a Cloud-based technology called ConsultX.  It draws on the skills and experience from within our network.  As a network, we share ideas, draw on each other’s backgrounds and skills to ensure we get the best results possible for our clients.

We don’t believe Business needs to be or should be an emotional and financial roller-coaster.

Optimal Profit – your business success is assured!