Funding Your Retirement

The main reason you went into Business was to provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your Family. Then when you want to retire, you can sell your Business for a substantial amount of money and retire comfortably.

Our research from thousands of Business Owners tells us that this is not happening. Most of the people we talk to tell us that they are quite afraid of what is around the corner for them, they have no confidence in the Government providing for them when they get old and they have minimal Savings/Superannuation put aside for the future.

Leading economists tell us that in their opinion by 2020, Governments around the world will not be able to fund Superannuation, as the number of people working and paying tax will be far lower than the people retired, this translates into a complete breakdown of the social security system. Quite bluntly if you are not a millionaire and have at least 20 years of cash at your disposal when you retire, you will be in trouble! We cannot rely on anybody helping us out into the future. Property has many ups and downs and the experts are telling us that it can no longer be relied upon to provide substantial gains.

Businesses are MONEY MAKING MACHINES...and you CAN have TOTAL CONTROL of their money-making potential.

Did you know that most Businesses sell for around two and a half times their Net Profit before Tax? However, in order to get a good price the Business needs to have at least three years of accurate financials showing a consistent sustainable profit stream.

As an example, to sell for a million dollars the business would need to be able to prove an annual net profit before tax of $400,000. (1.5m sales price requires $600,000 and a 2 million sale price requires $800,000)

If you are a Business Owner then you need to start now and build your Business into a very profitable asset that can provide for your Family now, and then also when you retire. (20 years +)

This is where Optimal Profit can help.... We recognise that in most cases your Business is the most likely asset to provide for your retirement. We work hard with you, like a partner over the long term to create this very valuable asset.

Our consultants are highly trained to work with you on this journey; it’s not a quick fix it is a long-term improvement strategy. Our Consultants work with you like a Partner (but without owning any shares) so that when you sell your business you will benefit 100% from the sale price. This is how it should be as you own the Business, you took the risk, and you should get the rewards.

Please understand this is a serious problem we are all facing and unless you are actively working with an expert on building your Business (whatever its size today) then your future could be bleak when you want to or must retire