Sales, Marketing and Service

Most Sales and Marketing activities are weak and ineffective.

I know it is a harsh statement, but it is based on fact. Our network has done just over 11,000 diagnostics in the past 9 years and we found, in EVERY case, the business was leaking considerable profit from sales and marketing.

What’s the first thing people say when you ask the #1 question: how’s business?
“I could use some more customers. We are a bit light on now.”

These same Owners will have a CRM (sorry, acronym warning) Client Relationship Management System practically full of names and details of possible customers. Probably hundreds, possibly thousands of names.

They may even have a contact system in place, with automatic follow up. The copy might be good, too.

Why isn’t everyone rushing in to buy?
I usually get the Big Four reasons. Economy, technology, government and competition.

Sorry. I don’t buy those as an excuse.

I am a big fan of C.J. Hayden and her books, programmes and emails. I recommend her “Get Clients Now”. It is excellent when it comes to understanding the physiological process we all seem to go through in conducting our sales and marketing campaigns.

It is hard to argue when she says:

“There are three areas you should examine — the package of services you are offering, your marketing strategies, and your sales methods. To market and sell effectively, your package of services should meet the following requirements:

  1. You are offering something people believe that they need.
  2. Your clients perceive the value of your services to be equivalent to the price you’re charging.
  3. Your services are available where and when clients need to use them.
  4. Either there’s plenty of business for everybody in your field, or your competitors have no overwhelming advantages.

When your package of services doesn’t meet these requirements, improving your marketing strategies or selling skills won’t be enough. You may need to revisit some of the basic premises of your business.” (See )
Good points. Must get that “package” right or nothing will happen.

While we are on the Sales and Marketing discussion, I would like to refer to another source of inspiration and help. Art Sobzcek has been providing excellent advice on what to say to people about your revised package. His Business By Phone web site has 501 tips and he will send you a free book. His regular newsletters are packed full of sensible ideas e.g. his reference this week to EQ.

If you haven’t had any formal sales training or want to brush up on techniques, I can recommend Art.

I have also found the work of Alan Weiss helpful, although he talks mainly to Consultants like me. I have adapted his Accelerant Curve for general use, because it sums up what we are all trying to do.

There is a bit more to this sales and marketing than putting up a web page with a few ads on Facebook and an email or three.

We will help you with this at Optimal Profit.

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